NRI TDS Certificate – Lower/ Nil Deduction

NRI TDS Certificate – Lower/ Nil Deduction

TDS is compulsory to be deducted on any payment made to (Non -Resident India). The TDS is required to be deducted on the total amount paid to the NRI. Here Capital Gain to NRI doesn’t matter. The NRI can get this reduced by filing an application for Lower Deduction of TDS Under section 197 with the Income Tax Officer. Being its demanding work, Professional advice and guidance is a must. This process required various documents to be submitted along with the application and later justification / clarification to The Income Tax Officer.Our team of Experts will do this on your behalf and get the certificate issued for Lower Deduction of TDS from the Income Tax Officer in India.
You don’t need to be worry at all.

Pay only 50% Advance and
Balance on Completion of Work

Applicability of Plan

Applicable only for Non-Residents selling Property in India only
As on date, states we are covering: – 
Lower TDS certificate is to be obtained from respective Jurisdictional officer, where property falls. Currently, we are providing this facility in the below states: –

  • New Delhi
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Maharashtra

We are expanding in other states very soon.

Expected Time

It will take 2 to 4 weeks from the date of submission of all documents to the Department. However, due the COVID – higher time is being taken in many cases by the Income Tax Officer before issuing this certificate.
Some delay of additional 1-2 weeks, expected.

How it works

  • Book for the service through the above-mentioned link by paying 25% advance
  • Post, Booking for Services – Team MyTaxDost will call you for detailed understanding.
  • Post the telephonic / Zoom discussion, you will get an email for the list of documents required.
  • Once, all documents are submitted by you. Team MyTaxdost will prepare and share the draft application with you.
  • After your approval, The Application would be submitted with the Income Tax Officer with all required documents.
  • Team MyTaxdost will share the status of the application every 7days with you over email till the time it’s not approved by the Income Tax Officer.