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PPF magic in your life

Public Provident Fund- One of the prominent Investment avenue in India for Resident and non-Resident.
A large number of Public invest in PPF for their retirement, Tax saving, Kid education and other objectives.
A very handful has an Idea- How much it will be after 15 /20 /25 years.
This tool will help you to solve the Puzzle for you.

We hope you are excited to use it.

Bonus- This tool also helps you to know how much you will lose by your one mistake of delay in Depositing PPF.

Leave Encashment Tool

In India, every Salaried person entitled to a minimum of 16 days of paid leave every year. However, all individual can’t avail of it. Unavaild paid leave get carryforwards and at the time of Retirement or Resignation, Employee entitles to avail them or get paid.

Very few people know, how Leave Encashment so earned get taxed and is there any Tax exemption available for same.

This tool developed by us will help you to calculate Taxable, as well as Non-Taxable Amount of Leave Encashment, received at the time of Retirement.

All details & calculation as per Section 10 (10AA) (i) of Income Tax Act 1961

If you want to know about Tax Treatment of other Perk / Benefit or emoluments then Do read our Book – Retire with Pride

Salary Tax Calculation up to 2crore!! 

After Union Budget 2020, new tax slabs are applicable with lower tax rates but all exemptions and deductions have removed.
Now Salary Taxpayer has two options, Old System of Taxation & New System of Taxation.

A lot of salary employees are confused, which option to choose.

if you are in FIX, which to choose then this Tool will be a wonderful tool
it will help you to make a smart decision

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