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21 GST Queries by Every Trade Exhibitor in Delhi

Delhi is a hub for all significant Trade Fair events. After the introduction of GST (Goods & Service Tax Act), there is a lot of Queries by Trade Exhibitors that need comprehensive Answer.

  • It is observed that GST law consists of Act/ Rules/ Notifications and Tax Rate. It is the only myth that GST is a very complex system.
  • The rational to write this book is to clarify all provisions of the GST Law in a simplified manner so that even a common man, may comprehend the legislative intent.
  • We have tried to write this book chapter wise with focus on Queries raised by Casual Taxable Persons. This is a critical book to clear all queries from registration to cancellation of Casual Taxable Person.

In the universe of a book, the reader and the author enjoy as special a bond. We have done our work with 100% honesty. We sincerely hope that this book would undoubtedly prove an asset to you.

25 GST Queries By Every Composition Dealer 

Composite Dealers are always an important part of our Business & Ecosystem. Even during VAT days before 1st July 2017. In Delhi Vat Act, there was a separate category for Composite Dealer.

After the introduction of GST (Goods & Service Tax Act), there is a lot of Query by Composite Trader/Dealer that need comprehensive Answer.

If we observe, GST law, it consists of Act/ Rules/ Notifications and Tax Rate had created a myth that GST is a very complex system.

This Book Author has covered all major queries.

Adv. Pradeep Singh Negi is a law graduate from Lucknow University.

He has 26 years of vast practical experience in handling Direct and Indirect taxation matters of various MSME, Startup & MNC’s.He Has done an extensive study on GST in India and has been following all the developments in the rollout of GST by the Indian Government.He is Co-Founder – MyTaxDost ®, the only platform where you find a solution of queries related to taxes, Finance and personal life.

He regularly shares his view on GST through his YouTube Channel- MyTaxDost.

Capital gain

The real state sector is a very big sector across the world. Everyone needs his or her dream home. In India, Govt. has a mission to provide a home for everyone by 2022. People buy & sell real estate. Being a source of income. Gain drive from its tax as Capital Gain.

Tax is a complex study in itself.

Albert Einstein once said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax”.

There is an ample number of taxation related to books available in the market. Then why this book?

All available books are sometimes difficult to understand by even tax professionals or finance professionals. 

This is the only book which discusses all the complex tax terminology easily like you are discussing with your friends or just reading a story and by the end of day 4, you will gain tax confidence. 

The whole idea to make tax simple for people of India. 
Tax should give you confidence rather than fear in mind.

Many times, it has been overserved, taxpayer even did not claim exemption which is available to them. This is due to ignorance & complexity of tax law across the world.  

This ebook Capital Gain Tax on Sale of Real Estate has been authored by CA. Gopal Singh Negi, who is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Also, hold a Master’s Degree in Commerce from Delhi University.

He is also a co-author of the book title “How to File first CIT Appeal” and eBook on Presumptive Taxation for Professional & Small Businessman on Income Tax.

He is also a Co-Founder of MyTaxDost, the only platform where you can find the solution to queries related to taxes, finance & insurance. He runs a web series on the YouTube channel – MyTaxDost™, through which you can learn various aspects of income tax. 

This book is very unique: – 

  • It’s written in a story format: Introduction of this book is enough to explain how the whole book is written.
  • It is divided into Day 1, Day 2, Day3 & Day 4. So that reader doesn’t feel to much content to read in one day or one sitting. 
  • It contains a summary of all main cases to be useful for a reader in one place.
  • It contains a list of Free Tools developed by MyTaxDost™. 
  • If you want to sell, real estate in India and you are from Non-Finance Background. 
  • If you are scared from taxes and its complexity then this book is for you.

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E – Book On Presumptive

A new era, a new buzz word – BE YOUR OWN BOSS or Quit 9 to 5 Rat Race”

As per the Global Freelancer Income Report, 2020 – 83% of freelancers work from home, and only 17% like to work from coffee shops, co-working spaces, library & private offices.

70% of freelancers are under the age of 35. The most interesting fact is 21% of freelancers are under the age of 25.

In today’s world, there are multiple ways of earning. For example, you can earn money through YouTube, Podcast, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Online Coaching, and Digital Marketing Agency along with traditional jobs like Doctor or Engineering. 

While starting your own business or profession, the main problem before each one above is a lack of information related to Income Tax. Not being from a commerce background, this problem could multiple. So, there is a higher chance of getting mislead. Sometimes such feeling arises whether we are enjoying our business or doing paper filing. 

Another side of the story, at the initial stage, as you have less funds so you can’t afford a full-time accountant and services of any Chartered Accountant. Most of the time legal tax terminologies look like a foreign language. 

If you are resonating with this then this book is for you. It is a complete tax mastery course for you.

This book is written by CA. Gopal Singh Negi & CA. Kamlesh K Chaursiya, both having more than 12 years of experience working with Startup and SME. This book covers 12 practical examples and 10 critical frequently asked questions compiled over so many years. This book is specially written for people from a non-taxation background. Even basic terminology is explained in a very lucid manner like turnover, income, financial year, assessment year, etc. 

This e-book will be helpful for 

  • Youtuber Blogger
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Agency Owner
  • Doctor
  • Engineer
  • Artist or Video Editor
  • IT Professionals
  • Freelancer
  • HR Contractor etc.

This e-book covers everything about Income Tax for small businesses like:

  • Computation of Income Tax
  • How to Pay Income Tax
  • Income Tax Returns

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Retire With Pride

Worldwide retirement age is 60. Date of retirement is like two sides of a coin.
One side joy, and other side flipside worry. A day full of emotion and inside worries.  On the worry side
If we talk about- a major point:

  1. Taxation of retirement funds & pension
  2. Safe & paying investment (rate of return on investment)
  3. Legacy for kids and society
  4. How to stay away from financial frauds?

I can understand your pain and worries. I have felt and it has touched at a deeper level inside me.

My father-in-law retired in October 2020. This book contains all discussions between me & my father-in-law.  All questions discussed in the book are common and in the interest of all. 

Advantage point of this book- This book has been written in a general discussion format. Like we do with our known people.Hope you will enjoy this format.

My one and only point mission is ZERO TAX WORRY AND MORE MONEY IN YOUR BANK. This book is my genuine effort in that direction. By the end of the book, I guarantee you will be well versed with all benefits available to senior citizens. 

Wish you, Zero Tax worry and more money in your bank.

CA Gopal Singh Negi
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Meri income Mera Tax

मुझे अनुभव हुआ की लाखो लोग है जिनके लिए टैक्स (Income Tax) को समझना एक टेढी खीर की तरह है.

  • Query है लेकिन समाधान (Solution) ? Tax की Books mostly in English समझ से परे.
  • टैक्स (Tax) को लेकर अपने – अपने समाधान (Solutions) व् डर (Fear).
  • आम आदमी टैक्स (Tax) भरना (Pay करना ) तो चाहता है लेकिन से डरता है.
  • इसका फायेदा वो लोग उठाते है जो टैक्स के बारे में समझते है. यही कारण है गरीबी – अमीरी का फैसला बढ़ता जा रहा है !गांव या देहात में लोगो के बैंक अकाउंट तक नहीं है !! सब कुछ Cash में. Property sale -Purchase cash में.
  • इसका फायदा मिलता है Middle-man को, Income Tax Return file (जमा) करने के क्या फायदे है पता ही नहीं.
  • गांव – देहात व छोटे शहरों से जब लोग जॉब (JOB) के लिए शहरो में आते है तो पहला सामना टैक्स से होता है.  
  • सही जानकारी ना होने के कारण , जिसने जो बताया वो मान लिया ,
  • मुझे हमेशा से लगता था की – क्या करे ? कैसे करे ? सही जानकारी कैसे उपलब्द कराये ?

मंथन चल रहा था Solution निकला की कियो न टैक्स पर सरल शब्दों में एक बुक (Book) लिखी जाये for free without Taking any Money. It will be my contribution to serve humanity. (फ्री ऑफ़ कॉस्ट, यही मेरी तरफ से मानवता की सेवा होगी)Book story format में है. आशा है आपको अच्छी लगेगी.